The ability to trace your family history though Catholic records is a valuable resource that perpetuates faith being passed from one generation to the next.

Genealogical Research

In order to ensure continued preservation of the sacramental registers held at the Archdiocesan Archives, these records are unavailable to those engaged in genealogical studies or family research. All requests for individual sacramental and cemetery records are handled by mail according to the procedures outlined below.

Requesting a Genealogical Certificate


•          Certificates will be issued for the specific record requested and will include all pertinent family information.

•          When a record is not found a research report will be issued.

•          Family tree research/genealogy lines are not available.

•          Only four requests may be submitted at one time.


Other Information

  • If an exact date or church is not known, detailed information such as parents’ names, birth dates of first children, New Orleans address, name of the priest who performed the marriage, etc., is very helpful. This information can be obtained by checking old city directories, census records, and state issued marriage licenses.
  •  The number of Catholic churches in the city of New Orleans  increased rapidly after 1840.  Requests for records after  1845 must include the name of the church or the address of  the participants, particularly the bride.
  • Cemetery records, in general, are not indexed. Therefore, requests must include name, date of death (within a month), nationality, and, if possible, the cemetery.
  •   Broader access is allowed to older sacramental records than more recent ones. At present, the cutoff date for unrestricted use of sacramental records is the year 1918.

FEE:   $12 per item requested.   If you are submitting more than one request please include all forms and a check for the total. 4 requests = 4 forms + $48

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