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Genealogical Research
The archdiocesan archives are NOT open to those engaged in genealogical studies or family research. All requests for individual sacramental and cemetery records are handled by email or written mail according to the procedures outlined below.

Requesting A Certificate for Genealogy
Broader access is allowed to older sacramental records than more recent ones. At present, the cutoff date for unrestricted use of sacramental records is the year 1930.

Requests for family or genealogical information are handled only by mail or email. Telephone requests are NOT honored. The archives staff does not research general family lines or respond to requests for genealogical research. The staff conducts specific searches only, and when possible, issues certificates for specific records.

If an exact date or church is not known, detailed information such as parents' names, birth dates of first children, New Orleans address, name of the priest who performed the marriage, etc., is very helpful.

The number of Catholic churches in the city of New Orleans increased rapidly after 1840. Requests for records after 1845 must include the name of the church or the address of the participants, particularly the bride (consult old city directories, available at the New Orleans Public Library's Main Branch). Requests for general searches for all of New Orleans Catholic churches after 1850 are NOT honored.

Cemetery records, in general, are not indexed. Therefore, requests must include name, date of death (within a year), nationality, and, if possible, the cemetery.

Each email or letter should include no more than four specific requests. Letters with more than four requests will be returned. Individual baptismal, marriage, funeral or burial certificates, post-1930, are available only to family members or authorized researchers. Each request is answered with a certificate in English that includes all pertinent family information.

The archives staff does not guarantee the accuracy of the information recorded in the sacramental registers.

The fee for each genealogical research request is $12. Return the completed form along with a self addressed, stamped, envelope and a check or money order made payable to the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Mail requests to:
Archives- Sacramental Records Request
Archdiocese of New Orleans
7887 Walmsley Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125-3496

Email requests to: