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The Archives of the Archdiocese of New Orleans has published nineteen volumes of Sacramental Records of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. All, except Volume 2, 5, and 6, which are out of print, are available for purchase and may be ordered using the order form (link below).

All sacramental acts that indicate a surname are included. Parents, baptismal sponsors, and marriage witnesses are identified. The critical format includes all surname variations that appear in the original texts. Valuable cross-references are added for maiden/married surnames, pseudonyms, combination names, and significant surname variations.

Sacramental Records volumes published to date and available for purchase are:

Volume 19 (1830-1831), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 18 (1828-1829), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 17 (1826-1827), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 16 (1824-1825), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 15 (1822-1823), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 14 (1820-1821), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 13 (1818-1819), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 12 (1816-1817), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 11 (1813-1815), $32.00 per volume.
Volume 10 (1810-1812), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 9 (1807-1809), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 8 (1804-1806), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 7 (1800-1803), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 6 (1796-1799), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 5 (1791-1795), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 4 (1784-1790), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 3 (1772-1783), $30.00 per volume.
Volume 1 (1718-1750), $30.00 per volume.

Also available from the Archives are several non-sacramental publications. These may be ordered by printing and submitting the convenient order form. Full payment should accompany all orders.

The publications are as follows:

A Southern Catholic Heritage, Vol. 1, Colonial Period, 1704-1813 by Charles E. Nolan (New Orleans: 1976). A description and background for earliest Catholic records, including parish records, in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi; does not list individual family names found in these records. $18 each.

Cross, Crozier and Crucible: A Volume Celebrating the Bicentennial of A Catholic Diocese in Louisiana. Glenn R. Conrad, general editor (New Orleans: 1993). A collection of historical essays to commemorate the bicentennial of the establishment of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas on April 25, 1793, in six parts: The Ethnic Tapestry of Catholic Louisiana; The Growing Pains of the Church in Louisiana; Evangelization and Education; Apostles, Teachers, Helpers and Administrators; The Fine Arts; Historiography. Includes an index and an appendix of bishops and archbishops. $35 each.

A History of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. by Charles E. Nolan (Strasbourg: 2000). Tells the story of the Catholic people of the Archdiocese of New Orleans in word and picture. Historian Charles E. Nolan succinctly narrates this story from LaSalle's planting of the cross on Louisiana soil in 1682 to the eve of the new millennium. The volume is richly illustrated with historic maps, paintings, drawings, and photographs as well as photographs depicting all current parishes of the archdiocese. $28 each.